Thursday, March 9, 2017

Elysian Brewing Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout

No beer style is better suited to accept into its bosom coffee beans than a stout (we can throw porters in there too, but you know where I'm coming from). And no stout sub-style provides a happier home for coffee than the delectable milk stout. Stout's natural heavy creaminess is enhanced by the rich coffee flavor. Milk stouts (also known as sweet stouts) get their name from the additional of lactose to the brew. Since lactose is a sugar that does not convert to alcohol during fermentation, its reside imbues the brew with a sweet taste, and a firm rebuttal to the "I don't like dark beer" crowd. Split Shot pours a deep impenetrable brown, admitting nary a photon. The head is a short, lacy tan; the consistency is a medium-heavy. The coffee is up front and obvious, but somehow not overwhelming. As Split Shot warms up, vanilla and chocolate notes swirl unto the taste horizon. I'd give this an 8.5 on the IGB beer scale.

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